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Antistatic packaging for the electrical, electronics & automotive industry

Electrostatic-sensitive components should be protected from electrostatic discharge in order to be able to guarantee their functionality in the long term. It is therefore advisable to safely store or transport electrical, electronic and optoelectronic components in ESD packaging. We have developed special packaging in which e.g. printed circuit boards, circuit boards, computer components, microelectronic components, high-frequency circuits, sensory measuring devices, monitors and LEDs can be packed practically and quickly.

Safe, precisely fitting and fast packaging of electrical components

In the development and production of our ESD packaging, we take into account the special requirements resulting from the field of application of the electrical industry. Different materials such as solid board, corrugated board and plastics can be used to ensure the best possible protection of the products and at the same time contribute to environmental protection and economic efficiency. The electrical components can be packed, stored or shipped in standard cardboard boxes or customised ESD packaging.

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ESD Packaging electric industry

ESD cardboard packaging

ESD-compatible packaging does not necessarily have to be made of plastic. Recyclable materials such as solid board and corrugated board can also be a real alternative for protection against electrostatic discharges. Special coatings make the cardboard antistatic and thus effectively protect electrostatically sensitive components such as circuit boards, screens, LEDs, sensory measuring devices, laser diodes, light-emitting diodes or microelectronic components. ESD cardboard packaging thus offers an environmentally friendly alternative to ESD packaging made of plastic.


ESD cardboard packaging is easy to recycle.


ESD cardboard boxes can be produced inexpensively.


They protect against discharges with a special coating.

We therefore also focus our work on the development of alternative packaging and shipping materials made of paper and cardboard, which can usually be produced at a lower price than plastic packaging and are more environmentally friendly. However, due to their material properties, ESD cardboard packaging is not suitable for every area of application, so that plastic packaging cannot be completely dispensed with. We will be happy to advise you on which packaging material is best suited for your product.

ESD Packaging electronic industry

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ESD compartments

Antistatic packaging with compartments

Packaging with compartment inserts is suitable for sorting small electrical and electronic components and enables them to be stored and transported safely. The size of the individual compartments can be individually adapted to the product to be packed. Electronic components can be packed quickly and in a space-saving manner. These "compartments" are also suitable for storing and transporting larger products, as even large compartments can be produced in a dimensionally stable manner.


Sensitive components can be easily sorted and packed.


Pre-placed fan inserts are quickly ready for use.


Electronic components can be packed to save space.

In the standard version, the compartment inserts are supplied loose. However, we also offer machine-assembled compartments that only need to be pulled apart before use and are thus quickly ready for use. The antistatic compartment inserts for ESD packaging can also be produced from various materials. In addition to the production of specially coated compartments made of solid board or corrugated board, we also offer "compartments" made of plastic, which are produced from solid material or thin twin-wall sheets.

ESD compartments 2

ESD wraparound packaging

Printed circuit boards sometimes have an asymmetrical shape that is difficult to pack economically and in a space-saving manner in standard packaging. Therefore, we have developed a "wraparound packaging" for this special area of application, with which PCBs can be packaged quickly and easily. With the help of a device, the PCBs can simply be wrapped in an ESD film that is covered with foam strips. In this way, printed circuit boards can be packaged in a very material-saving manner.


Asymmetrical PCBs can also be packed easily.


Only little material is needed for packaging.


The wraparound packaging can be used universally for different PCBs.

Packages wrapped in this way can then be stored or shipped in standard containers without any problems. We offer the ESD wrap packaging on a roll. This means that the ESD film can simply be cut to the appropriate size. With a simple packing device, even different PCBs can be packed quickly, as the device can be easily adapted to a different PCB format. It is thus a variable/universally applicable ESD packaging.


ESD meander packaging (loop shape)

With meander packaging, ESD films are glued into ESD cardboard boxes in the form of loops, which then serve as slots for electrical and electronic components. Meander packaging is particularly suitable for elongated and narrow parts, as the smooth surface of the ESD film allows the parts to slide quickly into the individual loops of the film. Nevertheless, the meander shape reliably protects the parts from "slipping", as the loop shape then counteracts this again.


Narrow components can be packed quickly and easily.


Many components can be stowed in one box.


Meander packaging can be combined with compartment inserts.

foil connector system

The electronic components can thus also be packed quickly and in a very space-saving manner. Only a small amount of material is required to safely stow even large quantities of electrical or electronic components. Meander packaging is suitable both for storing and shipping sensitive components. In addition to elongated PCBs, LED tapes can also be easily packed. For smaller components, meander packaging can be combined with additional compartments.

ESD Meander shape

ESD meander packaging made from 100% paper

We now also offer our meander-shaped ESD foil connector system as an environmentally friendly variant, which is made from 100% paper. The ESD foil, which is glued in loops in ESD cardboard boxes to create many slots for printed circuit boards or LED strips, etc., was replaced with antistatic paper. We can now offer a completely environmentally friendly and recyclable product range of ESD packaging.


antistatic wrapping paper

To complete our range of ESD packaging material, we now also offer ESD paper in two different versions. The ESD standard paper is available in rolls and cut and can be used as universal packaging for electrical and electronic components. It is also used as an intermediate layer in ESD boxes or standard transport containers.


antistatic padding paper

The ESD padding paper is available in two different grammages and can also be customized. Due to its stable, embossed structure, it has a particularly high cushioning effect and is therefore suitable as an environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap, as crumpled paper in ESD boxes and also as a practical and universally applicable packaging material for particularly sensitive electronic components.